Two locations – Germany and Hungary

With its headquarter in Munich and the second location in Hungary, Karré connects the best from two worlds − German high-class workmanship and Hungary’s high cost effectiveness.



Central hub in Munich

Our headquarters is located in Munich since the foundation of the company. Here we provide customer service and control all projects. Also, the automated processes of the SMD manufacturing and the final inspection take place in Munich.



Strong partner in Hungary

Time consuming manual labor is executed in our location in Hungary. Since 1993 we have established a production plant with reliable employees with long-standing experience in Dévaványa, a provincial town in the southeast of Hungary.



One face to the customer

Our customers benefit from the location combination of Germany and Hungary in every aspect, because we can connect German thoroughness with interesting price advantages. The labor-intensive manufacturing takes place in Hungary and compensates the relatively high cost level in Munich. Our sales staff in Munich coordinates the complete order processing and support their constantly assigned customers through the years generally.



Special aspects of Munich

Munich has a pole position thanks to its central location in Europe. There is a concentration of well-known technology companies − manufacturers, suppliers and distributors. The big airport with its Autobahn access is an international logistics hub. Advantages consequentially arise for Karré Elektronik and our customers. Munich attracts people, there is a lot of technology and competent personnel. The distances are short, you can build up good personal connections and usually receive next day deliveries by suppliers. A vigorous competition in this innovative field constantly sets new impulses. Thereby we stay on top of things and benefit by the integration into a narrow network of local suppliers, an excellent transport infrastructure and engaged logistics service providers.

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