40 years of experience in electronics manufacturing

Customers who select Karré, gain a partner who stands for experience and stability in electronics manufacturing.


Production orders and development projects should be executed in due time in exactly defined quality – even with ambitious schedules and independent from unexpectedly occurring problems. What companies need for the electronics manufacturing is a service provider who is highly powerful and flexible at the same time. Our flexibility is proverbial.



Karré – experience and flexibility provide safety

  • Personal, active customer care.
  • Support in development with simultaneous engineering.
  • A network of established industrial partners and reliable suppliers for a competent consultation with complex tasks.
  • Competent production optimization for reducing production costs and delivery times.
  • Proactive procurement for long-term delivery reliability.
  • Extensive manufacturing capacities and fully developed production facilities permit the highest flexibility with short-term increases of demand.
  • Own vehicle fleet for direct collection and delivery to regional customers.
  • Experienced, enthusiastic and responsible employees support variable working hours.



Electronics manufacturing means Teamwork

Fairness is important to us in our business relations – also towards our suppliers. What we demand, we can also provide. Already in the quotation phase we try to support our suppliers with precisely processed information. During running projects we take care of a good personal contact. In the long run we continuously work on self and supplier developing. All that is worthwhile for all partners, because unobstructed and durable supplier’s relations are a key to our success. Therefore, an intensive cooperation has been developed between us and most of our suppliers across the years.

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