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Electronic Manufacturing Services by Karré

The heart of Karré beats in Munich. Karré Elektronik is a classic supplier of Electronic Manufacturing Services. The head office is located in Munich since the company was first founded in 1977. There are about 40 employees in Munich working hand in hand with our 120 Hungarian employees.


Modern machine equipment from Germany, experienced employees in Hungary and a well-functioning, close collaboration on a common ERP platform – this international connection has proven itself successfully for over 25 years. Global Players as well as small and midsize companies count to our customers. Besides, we also support young companies and startups to successfully realize their ideas into products. The logistically advantageous location and economic variety in the Greater Munich area is the backbone for respectable partnerships with reputable suppliers, system service providers and forwarding agencies.

Since the foundation of the enterprise in 1977 the central hub of the company is located in Munich. Here we provide support for our customers, process orders, manage procurement, receive distribute and ship out materials and products. The automated processes of the SMD-mounting as well as the final inspections take place here as well.

Karré is well-positioned for labor-intensive manual manufacturing of PCBs and modules: With our Hungarian partner company in Dévaványa, a provincial town in the southeast of Hungary, we can guarantee a reliable implementation of demanding tasks and offer a price advantage for our customers at the same time, already since 1993.

The proverbial friendliness and the high engagement of our Hungarian employees ensure a very well working collaboration and are a guarantor for meeting deadlines and qualitative reliability.

Flexibility assured

Our very own vehicle fleet allows to us to spontaneously and quickly react to customer needs and enable us to reduce delivery times. We support the shuttle transport of provided parts and reusable packaging. Therefore, we also make a contribution to responsible resource handling.



Over 30 years of experience

We are putting emphasis on efficient organization and short decisive paths. Like this our customers can profit from the expert knowledge of every single employee. The seniority of our executives is mostly more than 20 years. For our customers this means that decades of valuable experience and branch competence are at their disposal for all of their projects. Our knowledge in the field of the Electronic Manufacturing Services creates the certainty which you need for your projects – especially in complicated subjects like switchgear development, heating controls, medical technology and many more.

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