Automated Optical Inspection – via electronic picture processing the produced modules are compared to reference pictures. Faultily identified assemblies can be sorted out or reworked.


The single components of an assembly are exposed to high temperature fluctuations for a certain period at the beginning of their service life whereby the components with the highest failure rate malfunction.


Electronic manufacturing services – development, contract manufacture, inspection and delivery of complete electronic modules, systems and devices.

Production optimization

Revision of PCB layouts and production steps with the goal to improve SMD and conventional mounting as well as the inspection with regard to manufacturing time and quality.

Functional test

Electric check of partly or overall function. On this occasion a measurement protocol of every module can be recorded and be put into archives as proof.


In circuit tester – testing method for assembled printed circuit boards – soldering and assembly mistakes as well as faulty components can be checked.

Reverse engineering

An existing product can be exactly reproduced by the use of reverse engineering. This might for instance be useful, for older modules, where no production data exists any more. This is similar to the black box principle, where the reproduction of a products function stands in the focus – for instance, if single components of the module are becoming obsolete and will be not produced any more (ref. Change management).


Through Hole Technology – push-through installation, conventional mounting with wired components.

Printed circuit board coating

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