Consultation and product lifecycle – from the production-optimized PCB layout to the derived product

Whether production optimization on printed circuit boards, more efficient SMD- and THT mounting of the PCBs or choice of alternative products for obsolete components − as a company with more than 30 years of experience in the market, Karré can offer competent consultation during all phases of the product lifecycle.


The range of services offered by Karré is as diverse as the knowledge of your point of contact at our company − a profound base for individual consultation from the idea to phase-out:


  • Risk assessment concerning supply chain, production and product
  • Quality assurance, traceability, test strategies and test equipment
  • Optimal arrangement of the components and conducting paths in the PCB layouts for production for a more efficient SMD and THT mounting of the printed circuit board.
  • Product preservation – ESD protection concept for transport, storage and processing
  • Development of alternative solutions (re- engineering) and requalification tests
  • Product and process improvements
  • Material management and procurement
  • Consideration of the availability of hard to find components
  • Choice of second sources – Upgrade, alternative manufacturer or search for more cost-effective components
  • Packaging, delivery and storage concepts for printed circuit boards, modules and devices
  • Spare parts supply, long lasting supply and longtime storage for obsolete parts
  • Assistance in choosing, testing and implementing of alternative products
  • Rebuilding, reprogramming, repairing, recycling and disposal

Comprehensive consultation

If requested we include the whole product lifecycle into our considerations. This starts with developing and New Product Introduction (NPI) up to after sales activities, like redemption, rebuilding and repair. We consult our customers in the choice of suitable tools, concerning PCB layout and optimal production processes, for test planning as well as product spec management. We provide support in product authorization as well as in development of packaging and logistics concepts.



Raise security, reduce costs

Our consulting services fluently blend into development of samples and prototypes. During near-serial production of samples and prototypes our experts can give valuable feedback in an early stage necessary for the development of the end product. The future production costs will be already decisively fixed during the development and production planning phase. By timely integration of our knowledge you can optimize the designated production processes of each production phase before the start of the series production.

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