Traceability – important for risk management

For systems and modules in critical applications we offer full traceability if required. Full traceability means gapless recording of all installed components as well as production steps and test steps.


This traceability includes the whole mounting process from the receiving of goods through the delivery note data of the single components up to the completion of the module.


The general traceability bases on FIFO (First in first out) according to the production date codes, the goods receipt date and to delivery data provided by the supplier. In addition, the goods receipt date and the ID of every component are recorded via barcode scanners.



Traceability for at least ten years

In every following process step this data will be linked with one unique product ID. The work steps are controlled by documented processing orders and are also confirmed via barcode scanning. Through inclusion of the forwarding information on arrival and delivery data availability exists throughout the whole value chain up till the handover to the customer. All order information is put into our archives at least for ten years.

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