Quality assurance

Quality management – reliable quality in a dynamic market.

If we were asked for the strengths of Karré, we will refer to the grown competence of our employees and the stability of a respectable process organization. Both stand for quality in the planning and execution phase.


Karré has years of experience in the conception and implementation of overall quality management components which integrate all steps in the production process:

  • Incoming goods inspection
  • Professional storage and processing of sensitive electronic components
  • Barcode-controlled processes
  • Burn-in
  • Optical and electric tests according to defined test plans
  • Documented final inspection during goods leaving inspection

Transparent documentation

All required documents for production and quality control are available on a central ERP system in every production step. We develop test programs and testing devices ourselves. Product, production and test details are still retraceable after years.



Quality is what we stand for

Our quality management systems are certificated according to ISO 9001 already since 2002. In the heart of our quality policy stands the satisfaction of our customers. To comply sustainable with their requirements even in the future, we refine the quality of our products and services continuously. We take account of the increased expectations of quality management systems, while we are currently preparing the certification according to ISO TS16949. We use electrostatically sensitive components to EN 61340-5-1 and 61340-5-2 or industrial standard JESD625. We process moisture sensitive components according to J-STD-033.

Protection for humans and environment

Occupational safety and environment issues are an integrative component of our management systems which are certificated according to ISO 14001 since 2020. Expert support and involving our employees in the organization of their work for mutual benefit belong to our day-to-day business.

If it is reasonable and possible, we try to reduce the effects to our environment. The Hungarian manufacturing site is heated almost exclusively with renewable raw materials, empty trips of our trucks and transporters are virtually ruled out through sensible control of the material flow, what positively affects the CO2 balance. Between the production sites and regional customers, we pursue the re-use of containers and suitable packaging materials in our shuttle transport.



Conflict Minerals

Among „Conflict Minerals”, as referred to in the Dodd-Frank Act, are gold, tantalum, tin and wolfram. These materials are often used as an inevitable part in electronic components and products.

Karré electronics is aware of the scope of the “Conflict Minerals” issue and supports the initiative for conflict free supply of the industry with above mentioned materials under the aspects of sustainability and global social responsibility. Therefore, we support the ligation of blatant human rights violations and massive environmental destruction in the Democratic Republic of Congo and neighboring countries and regions.

As a service provider and contract manufacturer within the electronic industry we ourselves have only little influence on the production and use of these materials in electronic components. We are expecting from our suppliers and their undersupplies to process materials, which are not sourced from the mentioned conflict regions and ask them to make the information about the origin of their products accessible on the website of the ECIA (Electronic Components Industry Association).

Karré electronics sources the largest part of the products from distributors and manufacturers, who have published a statement about the origin of their products on ECIA’s website.

Karré electronics will neither intentionally nor consciously use products, containing conflict materials from these regions.

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