Assembly Production


Tailor-made potting-solutions for all demands

The potting of single components, printed circuit boards and whole modules with resin is not outsourced to an external company, but is performed in own-developed production processes with many years of experience at Karré. Whether for small quantities or large amounts – we provide individual solutions, which offer an optimal functionality for your various uses. Your advantage as a customer of Karré: A coordinated end-to-end solution from a single source.

Specific protection by specified resins

  • Mechanical protection against humidity, dirt, dust, water, corrosion, chemicals, temperature fluctuations etc.
  • Protection against contact (electric safety)
  • Electric isolation
  • Explosion protection
  • Fixation of components
  • Increase of vibration and shock resistance

Wide diversity of experience in material selection

We own a potting-system of Vieweg, one of the leading specialists dosage dose and potting technology. There is a wide portfolio of potting compounds of renowned manufacturers. To choose an optimal potting compound for a special requirement mix, we work closely together with our suppliers as a well-integrated team for many years.



Quality assurance through standardized tests

The potting compound consists of two components, which harden after mixing and don’t produce any by-products. The relatively high density of the two-component potting compound allows the choice of smaller case sizes. Before the start of production we provide a potting sample from every production batch, where curing process is undergone physical and visual control.



Non-drip 3D-potting and bonding work

Depending on the nature of the task, the work will be done manually or with the help of an automatic potting-system. We fill the single sensing elements with potting compound, potting the printed circuit boards partially or completely and encapsulate modules completely. We can also perform a high-quality bonding work. Thus, for example, cases can be bonded in exact reproducible quality.

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