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THT mounting is a traditional manual work

Karré belongs to the classical EMS – experts (Electronic Manufacturing Service) in the Greater Munich area in the field of THT mounting as well. For the manual mounting of printed circuit boards we dispose of proven equipment and motivated employees with many years of experience. Flexible production capacities and routine procedures make us an EMS partner who can react quickly to your orders and deliver consistent quality. High standards of occupational safety and environmental protection are important to us.

Overview of our EMS services:

  • conventional mounting of printed circuit boards
  • for axial and radial wired components
  • flexible manual work at our production site in Hungary
  • No size limit for components due to manual mounting
  • Assembly supported by semi-automatic Royonic machines
  • certified according to ISO-9001

Your locational advantage: Manufacturing in Munich and Hungary

Spacious manufacturing areas and the possibility of multiple-shift operation at our production sites in Munich and Hungary allow to us to react flexibly to order fluctuations and new demands. Our own vehicle fleet and regular shuttle transport guarantees a needs-based flow of materials between Hungary and Munich. That way we can offer a high competitiveness especially in the Greater Munich area.



Good employees make the difference

Since the foundation of our location in Hungary in 1993 we train employees in the manual mounting, testing and assembly of components. By internal trainings and process-accompanying information we ensure that the knowledge of our employees stays at the latest standard in the field. Like this we can offer you motivated employees with many years of experience for the manual mounting of your printed circuit boards. Our operating procedures are certified to ISO-9001 already since 2002.



Proven equipment

The THT- mounting takes place in Hungary. The employees are supported by semi-automatic Royonic machines, which automatically provide the components and indicate the mounting position and polarity on the PCB via light spots. This method enables us to raise the quality of the assembly and the efficiency of work processes.



Quality is what really counts in THT-assembly

The subsequent wave soldering of the components takes place under nitrogen atmosphere to reduce the tin-oxides and to improve the soldering quality. To ensure the mounting quality, it is possible to perform an automatic optical inspection (AOI) with partly-equipped or fully-equipped boards. We submit finished modules to an electrical function control on request. The test results will be recorded and archived.



By the way: Definition of THT

The term is an abbreviation for “Through-Hole-Technology” and stands for all forms of assembly of printed circuit boards with parts and components by through-hole technology.

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