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Pad printing

Pad printing for the electronics production

As a full service provider we also offer pad printing for your devices and support you with the procurement of suitable cases, therefore we can be your single source device manufacturer.

Typical applications for pad printing

Even for the smallest cases and complexly formed, irregular surfaces the pad printing presents a many-sided, stable and uncomplicated printing-method. The Printing block is made from silicone rubber and fits itself to convex contours as well as to concave forms. Typical applications of the pad printing are:


  • Company name, company logos and patterns
  • Item name, item number
  • Technical specifications, test seals, normative references
  • Operating instructions, warnings


Housing selection and product design

We complete our range of services of the individual printing with the procurement of suitable cases. Thanks to the best contacts to manufacturers of cases and outer packaging our experts can offer reference sample for different budgets.


Karré – your EMS manufacturer with Full service

Due to the fact that we have the production possibilities in-house, we do not need to coordinate with external companies and can also offer you a high degree of flexibility regarding mounting the modules, packaging and dispatching.

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