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High-quality SMD-mounting for Greater Munich

One of the core competencies of Karré Elektronik lies in the SMD-mounting (Surface Mount Devices) of printed circuit boards. SMD components of different cases are positioned automatically with high-precision and soldered in a Reflow-process onto the printed circuit boards.


As a versatile EMS service provider, Karré Elektronik offers conventional THT- mounting, automated SMD-mounting as well as hybrid forms of printed circuit board mounting. There is a reliable machine park of renowned manufacturers available in the location Munich for the automated kind of manufacturing. [Modern mounting machines of renowned manufacturers]

SMD-mounting down to package size 01005

  • Our SMD machines located in Munich can process printed circuit boards from 50 x 50 mm up to 750 x 550 mm and assemble components down to the smallest SMD-case size 0201 metric with dimensions from 0.3 x 0.15mm up to 120 x 90mm or 150 x 25mm and a maximum height of 30 mm with a force of 100N.
  • Up to 20,000 components can be placed per printed circuit board side in one run.
  • The blade coating machinery can take up stencil sizes up to 1200 x 800 mm and frames up to 1200 x 800 mm.
  • The paste printing is being controlled two-dimensionally – Printed circuit boards may vary from 50 x 50 mm up to 680 mm in x-direction and 500 mm in y-direction.
  • The reflow ovens offer more than 10 temperature zones and temperature ranges from 0°C to 400°C. Printed circuit boards from 60 mm up to 720 mm can run through the reflow ovens.

SMD-mounting step by step

At first a soldering paste will be screen printed onto the PCB. During the specification of the printed circuit board panels, we pay attention to the optimal throughput for the following assembly. The prepared tape and reeled SMD-components will be taken via Pick-and-Place, aligned via optical measuring procedures and placed precisely on the programmed position. In connection with the automated SMD-mounting the printed circuit boards will be passed on to the reflow ovens for soldering. Finally the mounting and soldering quality is controlled by an automatic optical inspection (AOI). An Ersascope is available for the endoscopic test of soldering connections below Surface-Mount-Components like BGAs and µ BGAs.

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