Assembly Production


From prototype to production – circuit board mounting under production-line conditions

For the validation and the testing of new developments, redesigns or adaption to new demands we offer circuit board mounting under real conditions before starting series production. In addition, we offer prompt production of laboratory and functional samples, prototypes or small batches.


By pre-series production of prototypes our experts can provide important feedback on the further development of the end product at an early stage. Because a substantial portion of the future production costs is fixed already during the development phase, you can install optimal production processes for each production phase from the beginning, if you integrate our know-how in time.


Beside the verification of the production process, we also incorporate other factors into consultation and risk assessment: Amongst those are procurement of the components and printed circuit boards, quality assurance from goods receiving department to dispatch, inspection concepts and After-Sales- activities, such as remodeling, repair and recycling. Like this the smooth introduction of new products (NPI – New Product Introduction) and the consideration of the product across the whole product life cycle is rounded off.

PCB mounting – manually or under real-life conditions

Depending on quantity, application and requirement we can assemble your prototypes automatically under regular production conditions or manufacture cost-effective single functional models and boards under laboratory conditions manually.

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